The artist Leopoldo Wallis offers us his work, which can be described as a permanent celebration of the visual space within a peculiar and specific proposal.

Leopoldo Wallis has mastered dimensional depth which he then turns into an exquisite work of personal projection of color and space. His spaces are consciously prefigurated and they clearly defined the spacial boundary of his resolution.

Born in Venezuela in 1930, his work is designed as a new trend of universal dimension. His artistic path starts in the seventies in which he exhibits a neo-pointillism expressed with pure colors, giving priority to the form over the background. In his next stage, faces with several foreheads and superimposed profiles prevail. Afterwards, homing pigeons appear in his work, as carriers of peace deeply linked with feminine figures. His evolution continues with his "Genesis Series" which represents the big bang in ingraved space. He depicts explosions of lines and volumes in harmonious color which suggest the creation of the universe.

The evolution shows us an artist in a constant search of a peculiar constructive proposal.